Why not participate in Carnival night, it is terrific fun! There are lots of ways you can take part in the procession! You don’t have to register your entry, you just turn up on the night. It’s as easy as that!

Here are the various categories;

Best Street

A new category for the 120 year anniversary!  Get your neighbours and friends involved to build and create a fun or fancy float for your street.  A fun way to build that community spirit!

Push and Pull.

A class for non-motorised vehicles (bikes, carts, wheelie bins etc..) decorated as you choose!

Think of a topical idea (many come to light just one or two weeks before the big day) then try to make up a funny deviation from that idea. The idea of making a float doesn’t have to be based around a vehicle.

Take a look into the depths of that garage you will be surprised what you find, that old pram you were going to throw out years ago will make a perfect base for the push and pull. Frames built around this and covered in hardboard or strong cardboard, suitably painted can be surprisingly effective. Also remember that it is going to be dark when the procession gets under way, so lights are a necessity. Power can come from a car battery or small generator supplying power for fairy lights or flashing bulbs.

Children’s Float

This section involves decorated vehicles featuring mainly children to ensure everyone gets a chance there are two classes to this category.

1) Under 50 children involved
2) Over 50 children

Fancy or just fun, give the kids a treat and a chance to take part and enjoy a great community night.

Adult Float

Any decorated vehicle with mostly adults on board, if you have a car or van with a trailer or lorry, then your imagination can run riot! But as you can appreciate the larger the float the more it will cost to build. However with lots of family or friends it can be terrific fun!

Pubs and Clubs

Singled out so the others get a chance of a prize! Get your local club or pub organised to enter. This class tends to attract larger floats, but don’t be put off – the simple floats often win through!

Trade Float

If you run a business why not enter the Trade Float section, what a good way of advertising to a captive audience and its free! The family car equipped with a roof rack can support a frame covered with posters advertising your business. Or just enter the company van with balloons to decorate it, what could be easier than that?


Don’t want the bother of making a float, then just dress up for fun! It’s judged in the evening, and open to all and without a set theme let your imagination run wild! Just make sure you have an official collecting box and then enjoy yourselves and help raise some money for local charities.


Put on a magnificent display for all in awe with your steam engine.  The Carnival is not the same without its local steam!

The John Carver Cup for Best Newcomer

Our newest category and in honor of our much loved and much missed John. Open to any float or fancy dress entry by any group or individual who has only taken part in the Carnival for the last 4 or less years.